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My name is Charles. Some people call me Spartacus. Well no one calls me Spartacus, not even that one time I tried to use the name at Fuddruckers.

I live near Austin, TX and am currently in-between jobs after having worked for my last company for 17+ years. My professional background is in Accounting, technical contact centers and social media.

I have 1 child, a son, and am divorced.

My favorite hobby is playing guitar and I also enjoy playing softball, darts, table-tennis, and basketball.

More than likely, my blog posts will pertain to things that interest me such as technology, nonprofit organizations, fund accounting, staff training & education, photography, guitar, music, heavy metal, call centers, technology, android, sports, San Antonio Spurs, chinchillas, the universe, large hadron colliders, atheism, agnosticism, healthy living, and breakfast tacos.

If you happen to find this page and feel compelled to reach out to me, I will more than likely spend countless hours  trying to figure out how exactly you found this proverbial needle in the haystack that is the internets. Then I will probably write back to you with a witty reply (even if it only humors me).

I hope you enjoy the content on my website. If you don’t, then you probably don’t enjoy much of anything in life. 🙂

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